Auditing provides an independent review of your processes and procedures and will identify areas of conformity as well as establishing if your Business Management Systems are effective and efficient in delivering your customer’s needs.

Vigorous Auditing and ongoing performance measurement will help ensure that you achieve your company’s goals and will continually drive improvements.

Process Auditing

An effective process is one that achieves the desired results and where the activities are planned and organised to ensure that the risks are suitably managed.

A process Audit is not simply following a trail through a department from input to output, but is looks to establish if the activities are being managed efficiently and effectively, resources and behaviours are planned, and that the process is controlled in a way that the outputs generate the desired results.

A process Audit will:

  • Identify what objectives are required to be achieved
  • Identify the factors affecting success
  • Establish what the process is for achieving the objectives
  • Verify that the controls in place are consistent with the success factors
  • Establish;
    • The competences and capabilities required to deliver the process outputs
    • That competence and capability is being assessed effectively
    • What results are being achieved
    • How outputs are being measured
    • That performance, efficiency and effectiveness is reviewed
    • That improvement in performance, efficiency and effectiveness is pursued
  • Verify the integrity of the results

Our approach to process Auditing, goes beyond assessing compliance. We always look to add value by:

  • Highlighting the important issues, identifying your key players in delivering change, elements of best practice, areas of commonality, and opportunities for future development.
  • Presenting the findings and work with you to develop a roadmap to help you achieve your goals, scoping the remediation work required to address the recommendations, and;
  • Where required we can support you in Re-Engineering your process(s)

Compliance & Governance Auditing

A compliance & governance Audit is a comprehensive review of your business or projects adherence to external regulatory requirements and your internal Business Management Systems policies and procedures. 

The Audits will evaluate the strength and thoroughness of your compliance to ensure that the risks are suitably managed. The Audit report will identify areas of conformance, observations, opportunities for improvements as well as non-conformances.

A compliance and governance Audit will:

  • Identify what tasks are being performed and who completes the tasks
  • Identifies the procedures governing the tasks
  • Establish whether the procedures are being followed
  • Establishes whether the person is trained and competent to perform the task
  • Verifiy that the documentation is current, and the equipment is calibrated
  • Verifies that the working conditions are safe and suitable
  • Establishes where the inputs come from and where the outputs go to
  • Verifies that the personnel making acceptance decisions are authorised to do so
  • Verifies maintenance of records
  • Verifies conformity with ISO 9001, 14001, and 45001 

Our experience in industry means that we understand the challenges that you face in consistently achieving compliance across multiple offices, locations and projects. Our approach to compliance and governance Auditing will help you achieve consistency across your business by highlighting your strengths, trends and risks, as well as identify opportunities for improvement. 

Gap Analysis

The construction industry is heavily regulated and in order to raise the standards there have been several Industry specific protocols or schemes introduced, these include: 

  • ISO9001, 14001, 45001 (replacing OHSAS 18001)
  • ISO44001 Collaborative Working Relationships
  • Achilles Building Confidence
  • Safety Schemes in Procurement (SSIP Forum)
  • The Contractors Health and Safety Assessment Scheme (CHAS)

These protocols and standards not only drive efficiencies but help you to be successful in a highly competitive industry.

If you wish to gain any industry protocols, standards or accreditations, we can carry out a gap analysis Audit on your current management systems in order to assess the differences in performance and the requirements of the protocol or standard you are wishing to achieve.  

A gap analysis Audit can also be used to ensure you are effectively managing a contract or a project, whilst ensuring that you deliver your customers wants and needs whilst improving productivity, controlling costs and improving your profits. 

The Audit report will help you to determine whether the requirements are being met and, if not, what steps should be taken to ensure they are met successfully.

Our experience in the Construction industry and our in-depth knowledge of these protocol and standards allows us to provide you an independent and robust gap analysis Audit and provide you with expert advice on any improvement required.

Supply Chain Audits

Supply Chain management is a crucial process within any business especially those operating an ISO9001 Quality Management System. Successful management of your supply chain will help build key relationships, manage risks, drive production and lower costs. 

The purpose of a Supply Chain Audits is to provide a comprehensive review and appraisal of a Contractor, Supplier or any company providing a service, in order to ensure that they are competent and that they have the skills, knowledge, experience and the organisational capability necessary to deliver their products and services in a way that secures:

  • Health & Safety
  • Product, Service or Project Delivery
  • Quality
  • Environmental & Sustainability

Commonly the construction industry uses a two-stage approach to Supply Chain reviews and appraisals and as such the recommendations and conclusions of these Audit report can be used as part of a supply chain evaluation process, tender analysis/comparison or as part of an ongoing performance monitoring procedure. 

  • Pre-Qualification
    • Is used when a supplier or contractor want to become an approved Supply Chain member for a specific client. This often requires the supplier or trade contractor to complete and return a Pre-Qualification questionnaire. 
    • These desktop reviews look to ensure that the Supplier or Contractors is compliant with the Clients procedures and standards and other statutory requirements.
    • If your company has already been pre-qualified under the ISO standards, SSIP or Achillies Building Confidence you may be exempt from certain parts of this process.
  • Project Appraisal 
    • Is used when a contractor has been invited to tender for a specific project and is required to undergo a Technical Due Diligence review to assess their capability for a project, this will include a more detailed review of Health and Safety standards, competency and procedures. 
    • These Audits often comprise of a desktop review and a number of project, office or site visits.
    • For contractors undertaking the ‘designers role’ under the CDM regulations, the technical due diligence review will also include assessing their competency and processes for design. 

At C2C Process we are able to carry out all types of Third Party Audits and Supply Chain due diligence reviews and are happy to help you establish an effective Supply Chain Management process. If you are a contractors or supplier trying to comply with your clients Supply Chain management requirements, we can also help you complete and achieve the standards required.